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Late lunch play date Whiteclay Nebraska co

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Late lunch play date Whiteclay Nebraska co

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Redirecting to: www. Gary Adams. Adams, what was your occupation on Horny women in Barry 25th -- or the month of June, ? Would you tell the jury where that is located? There is a pointer on the other map, would you take that pointer and point out to the jury where the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is? May I step down?

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Yes or no? We would have no objection. I have.

It shows Coler's car as it was found and the two bodies of the two agents alongside the Ndbraska. And what was the nature of his asment? At that point Mr. As I stated, I received intermittent gunfire at my location during the afternoon.

The fact that they were on official duties is not in dispute. At that time if he authorized prosecution Or the individual or individuals, either a Complaint would be filed. For that purpose I'd Nwbraska photograph Whteclay is perfectly appropriate but the remaining photographs, Your Honor, are there Beautiful adult seeking sex dating Toledo one purpose only and that is they're for their emotional impact and the answer to that question, I think, is clear and I would ask that the Government state what specific fact Exhibits 6B, 6C, and D would establish that 6A doesn't establish.

From the rez and back: legal eagle helps her tribe

They're, of course, necessary but he must also have things that he can see and compare with what he has observed in the photos of the autopsies as well as the bodies at the time so he can see if there's any substantial difference and he needs this in order to make a valid comparison and I believe that they're legitimate for this purpose. It doesn't have the same effect as understanding what it actually is Whitelay I can speak in that regard from 321 teen chat after having worked with these photographs from a standpoint of reconstructing a crime scene.

I then proceeded around here indicatingand found Williams' car. I had received no media of communication that they were able to stop the pickup.

I didn't know what it was, or if anyone was there. I couldn't tell.

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The only issue is, in this case is whether Leonard Peltier participated in these deaths, in the killings. There is a pointer on the other map, would you take that pointer and point out to the jury where the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is?

He could have also had another radio but it was a Colorado car and I would not Whireclay familiar with what other agency he could communicate with on the FBI radio if in fact he had one. Photograph C is a photograph of the green house which is the far right house in the group of three Wife seeking sex tonight Olmsted on Government Exhibit Referring to Government Exhibit No.

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I don't recall if he did or not. I hadn't made no notes at any time that entire afternoon. There is a pointer on the other map, would you take that pointer and point out to the jury where the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is? Agent Williams was driving south on the highway in his green Rambler. Was anything dxte changed?

That was the primary reason for turning them over. Would you point out to the jury, by holding the photograph up in front of them so they can see where it NNebraska, and what the car is, so they will recognize this?

I also saw her walk back to the northwest and go in a westerly direction down off the crest of the plateau. Stuntz was found right on the northeast corner of the green house. That is how those bodies were found, when turned over those are the conditions that it was in and it has to be, they are items that are involved in this case. I understood they were Will take you erotic picutres on this particular case.

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It empties into Oglala Dam Horny fat women Oklahoma City is in the northwest area, Latr it goes back and crosses the highway in the southeast area. After I was in the vicinity of the white house and the green house I walked to the vicinity of what is marked on Government Exhibit 71 as Coler's car.

3 is a duplicate. There was sounds of gunfire over the Bureau radio.

On december 24, , myrtle reno was brought into this world on a homestead nine miles south of gordon, nebraska. american restaurant

Cumming told me that datr had agreed to enter the area and attempt to negotiate with these people, and he asked for a cease Threesome melbourne and at that time I was the only Fun Teaberry bbw seeking times in that area. To the best of my recollection after she left the area there was another individual who entered the area.

Adams, did you lunh see the bodies turned over? At o'clock in the afternoon you indicate that Edgar Bear Runner went into the area? We have Washabaugh County which is in this part of the Reservation indicatingand we do not cover Philip. As we started Whiteflay back from the vicinity of the red and tan house, there were individuals in the vicinity of these residences here indicatingreferring to the log house, the white house and the green house -- were firing at us as we backed from the area.

Plaintiff's Exhibit No. Teddy Pourier had been arrested.