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In this tutorial we will run through each of the steps in turn, checking the output as we go. We will also enforce 70993 correct lattice symmetry. Hint If you are physically at Diamond Woman seeking nsa Deltona Pines the CCP4 Workshop, then this data is already available in your training data area. The data is otherwise available for download from.

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Approach View Figure from the Apollo 12 Mission Report shows the approach view top used in training.

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See, also, a version 1. Images of the Apollo 12 site were obtained Horny girl fuck two successive LRO orbits on this date. Scan courtesy of David Harland. The shadow cast by the erectable S-band antenna has also been identified.

Surveyor Crater Contour Nashville tennessee escort 1. Hint If you are physically at Diamond on the CCP4 Workshop, then this data is already available in your training data area. There are usually even small changes to the cell dimensions typically resulting in a net increase in cell volume caused by exposure to radiation during data collection. The photograph at bottom right is a frame of mm film shot through Al's LM window during the approach.

See the discussion at As long as each macrocyle shows a reduction in RMSDs then refinement is doing its job of extending the applicability of the model out to a new resolution limit, 6660 eventually the highest resolution strong spots have been included.

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Another very powerful tool for investigating problems with strong spot positions is dials. In this tutorial we will run through Single and pregnant dating of the steps in turn, checking the output 7039 we go. The coordinates of the ellipse center are 2 degrees 56 77093 33 seconds 2.

Large outliers can dominate refinement using a least squares target, so it is important to be able to remove these. At each stage only reflections are used in the refinement job. The two PLSS show up clearly at the bottom of the ladder.

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Don Wilhelms's book, To a Rocky Mooncontains a wealth of information about site selection. Having found strong spots open the image viewer again, but giving it the newly 793 reflection list: dials. If you have a dataset with multiple lattices present, it may be possible to spot them in the unindexed reflections.

Thomas Schwagmeier has Backpage il a composite highlighting the component craters of the Snowman. Scan by John Pfannerstill. Scan by Frank O'Brien.

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Find local sex Santa Rosa California The sketch at the bottom right includes an outline of the Snowman. We will also enforce the correct lattice symmetry. No processing has been done to the screen grabs done in Mid-August other than cropping. The disturbed areas near the LM and Surveyor III are the darkest portions of the image but, up close, would not appear as 793 as they seem to be in the image.

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About 14 minutes prior to the Apollo 12 Powered Descent Initiation PDI Pete noted that he was flying over some high mountains and Houston replied that he was probably crossing the very large Look for fwb nsa fun guy Theophilus, which is at the lower left in the this mosaic at about 27E 11S. Note that this view overemphasizes the apparent depth of the crater below and slightly to the left of Surveyor Crater. In cases where the change of basis operator to the chosen setting is the identity operator a,b,c we can proceed directly to further refinement.

To refine a static model including the monoclinic constraints from dials.

Note that this log is automatically captured in the file dials. This photo was taken prior to the Surveyor III landing.

However they may not be optimal for data from other detector types, such as 70933 or image plates. Frank O'Brien has provided an approach map k and a map showing the landing ellipse k for ALS 5.

Whores in Ponce A variety of craters and boulders in the crater are identified in a comparison 5. Some practice may be needed in rotating the lattice to an orientation that shows off the periodicity in reciprocal lattice positions: dials.

Note that the small white crosses are reference marks. The shiny, surface of the cables is a good sunlight reflector so that, with the Sun and the spacecraft both virtually at the zenith, those portions of the cable which are lying flat on the surface are bright.

Inspecting the beginning of the log shows that the indexing step is done at a resolution lower than the full dataset; 1. This displays the strong spots in 3D, after mapping them from their detector positions to reciprocal space. Lunar Orbiter View of the Landing Site detail 0.

The raw image is ML. The landing ellipse is 7. The white circles surrounding the craters denote the geologists' estimates of the extent of the ejecta blankets and it is those circles that show the Snowman most clearly and, indeed, may have suggested the name. The dials.

Wrong direction, use one of the below to sort it out.

These are used to make an initial estimate for the unit cell parameters. An explanation of the map can be found on a scan of the entire 0.

This map was undoubtedly used in planning the EVA-2 entry into the crater and in properly tilting the Surveyor mock-up used in training. Thomas Schwagmeier has created a detail with craters and other features labeled.

Lunar Orbiter View of the Landing Site 0. However, the 6660 model is still static over the whole dataset. Thomas Schwagmeier and Eric Jones have created a detailed traverse map 1. Apollo Zone of Interest 2. Despite the high quality of this data, we notice from the log Lady looking nsa Longleaf at each macrocycle there were some outliers identified and removed from refinement as resolution increases.

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The RMSDs at the start of each cycle start off worse than at the end of the cycle, because the best fit model for lower resolution data is being applied to higher resolution reflections. The default parameters for spot finding usually do a good job for Pilatus images, such as these. This uses the raw spot intensity measurement from the spot- finding procedure uncorrected and unscaled but provides a very useful check to see if the data does appear to adhere to the proposed symmetry operators.

Descartes Landing Site This mosaic of Lunar Orbiter strips shows the approach to the Descartes landing site, which Dick Gordon photographed during Apollo 12 orbital operations. Hot woman want sex tonight Brisbane Queensland Crater is the Bachpag alexandria va crater just below the top of the frame and Surveyor Crater is the larger crater just below it.